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FAQ and answer

Post  yuji on Sat Aug 30, 2008 10:28 pm

1) Why do I keep disconnected when I play this server?
Ans: If you are using the NewWithCashShop Client, we suggest that you download the old client and play. If you are using the old client and still you keep getting disconnected, it means that you network is pretty bad.

2) Can I ask item or mesos from the GM?
Ans: Sure! You can ask or beg for items and mesos. The real question is will they give the items/mesos you want in the first place. Or you could even end up in jail ^^,

3) How many account/character can I make?
Ans:You can only create ONLY ONE ACCOUNT! But for one account you can create up to 3 characters. In your account, you can have both a male and female character.

4) How should I avoid from getting jail by the GM?
Ans: GM will only jail that person if he or she is pissed off with that particular character.

5) What should I do to avoid being banned or kicked out of the server?
Ans: Using of any type of hack is not allow in maple. If a newcomer enters this server and is not known to the GMs, that particular character or account will be ban for a limited time until the GM identifies who they are.

6) Why can't I access the Cash Shop?
Ans: Cash Shop can only be access by those players who are using NewWithCashShop Client. If you are using the old client, you will not be able to access it.

7) I want to go into the Cash Shop but I can't aceess it. Why?
Ans: ONLY players who are using the NewWithCashShop Client will be able to access it.

Cool Where do I buy Nexon Cash?
Ans: Please visit here http://cevms.no-ip.org/

9) Where can I get White Scrolls?
Ans: White scrolls can only be obtain if you win or participate a certain GM Event. White Scrolls are dropped by selected bosses.

10) Why can't I do some quest that are available?
Ans: We are still working on the bugs.

11) Will GMs be online for everytime?
Ans: GMs MAY be online everytime. But most of the time GM will do inspection without maplers knowing it.

12) Who should I talk to if I want to make a job advancement?
Ans: Please talk to Cody at the respective Town.

13) HELP! My HP/MP/EXP bar have turn all grey and overlapping each other !!!
Ans: That is due to negative exp when you over experience the maximum requirement for your experience. There is 3 method currently to solve this.
-1: Go to http://cevms.no-ip.org/ under exp fix just type in your character name
-2: Relogin your account and your exp will reset to 0
-3: Just type #exp and your exp will reset to 0 in game.

14) My experience have turn negative! What should I do!?
Ans: Refer to No. 13

15) When or How do I get negative experience?
Ans: You can get negative experience as early as level 150 but most commonly people experience it once they reach level 190 and above. This negative experience is due to players killing boss monster which cause the experience to overlap the maximum amount thus negative occur.

16) How do i avoid getting negative experience?
Ans: By right, to avoid negative experience completely is just by killing small mod and to avoid killing big boss which give high experience. There are ways to avoid it which is off holy symbol, once percentage reach 70%, go and kill small mod till you level up, or just keep on killing till you managed to pass off the negative experience and level up.

17)HELP! When i try to login i receive this error message below !!
Ans: OMG?! This is the worst case of error there is in maple! Just throw out your computer and buy a new one! Nah. Just go to http://cevms.no-ip.org/ under the unbug acc tab, just type in your account name, (ACCOUNT NAME NOT CHARACTER!) then click on logout, Relogin, and you are ready to play!

18) What are some bugs or things which doesnt work in CeVMs?
Ans: Check the known bugs section here.

19) How do I report the bugs which i found in CeVMs?
Ans: Currently im working on the forum. You can report your bugs there.

20) Could I give suggestion to improve on CeVMs?
Ans: Sure you can. Leave your suggestion in the forum and I will check it out.

21) Can I apply for GM position or any other position to help grow this community ?
Ans: GM position NO. I only accept my close friends to be GM, other position such as forum mod or website designer
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Re: FAQ and answer

Post  yuji on Sat Aug 30, 2008 10:32 pm

this are the faq tat i take from blog ><
if got other question can post in forum i will try my best to help =/
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