BUGS!! help anyone?

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BUGS!! help anyone?

Post  jaysen on Tue Aug 26, 2008 2:29 pm

erm, when i want to post on bug report it says only moderator allow=.=


Bug Encounter:

last night after i buy #nexoncash 10000, i click on cashshop and i dc. after that dc, i cant login anymore. today i try to login, it says my account is already login, i tried using unbug acc in CeVwebsite, it cant work.. now i cant play.. haix

When does this happen:
25-08-08 (Monday)

How does this happen
stated under problem.

Are you the only one experience this bug:
since no one post this i assume is yes, i'm the only one><

Screenshot (if any):
cant screenshot as i've already dc.
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Re: BUGS!! help anyone?

Post  xXsTaTicVx CeVXx on Wed Aug 27, 2008 11:49 pm

currenltly everyone experience this kind of problem once in a while when their character stuck in game when they got out or dc... the onli one way to solve it is for me to restart the server....

till i find a way to solve those players which are stuck please wait for me to restart the server...

i will look into this matter asap after my exams
xXsTaTicVx CeVXx
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